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Scott Green

Scott Green has over 15 years of experience with Agile development practices. Starting as a developer and team lead he understands that project management is failing the enterprise. Padding budgets, gathering resources, and implementing written requirements is not the way forward. Working at Borland he was a part of the earliest Agile practices and saw the results that a high functioning team can deliver. He has worked with professional services organizations for more than 12 years implementing agile practices and discovering lean solutions for software companies, but real change was elusive. He began to focus on affecting the mindset of the whole enterprise, which led him to Agile coaching. “Twice as much is half the time”, may be a dream for most, but when agile delivery is combined with lean leadership at scale, value delivery will accelerate, budget stress will be relieved and everyone can focus on what they should build instead of keeping busy. Scott has the experience from literally 500 technology companies to help him understand the enterprise, the market and how to deliver value to the customer.

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