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Standard Bank: Making the Shift to Agile@Scale

Standard Bank’s shift to Agile@Scale started four years ago with IT starting to lose its edge serving customers in the digital banking era. Stability started to rattle. Moving away from a traditional project and program mind-set of delivering solutions every 12-18 months, required a shift in mindset, culture, process and organisation.

Shifting to Agile@Scale meant that the Agile pioneers had to challenge the SDLC status-quo in every aspect. It also meant giving those in the work a voice to craft the future culture of software engineering and creating a workspace that promotes collaboration, creativity and innovation.

The Scaled Agile Framework provided the structure for Africa’s largest bank to form portfolios, programs and teams that build, run and own software. Shifting to Agile@Scale also means finding the same principles applied by software teams in other departments like finance and operations.

Location: Congress Center AB Date: 27/06/2018 Time: 09:40 - 10:30 Alex Keyter