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Co-opetition in a Connected World

The demand from Enterprises for SAFe training and consulting services is growing fast and Partners with experienced SPCTs and SPC start to run out of capacity. Partners also have developed capabilities and expertise in addition to SAFe that provides a unique differentiation. To combine capabilities, experience and expertise across the Scaled Agile Partner Network, there is a calling to build bridges rather than work in oppositions. It is co-opetition. Living up to the Agile values like honesty, integrity and trustworthiness to drive and sustained business results with SAFe. Co-opetition describes how competing organizations work together with gracious professionalism by putting collaboration first and competition second. We will discuss this concept, rooted in Game Theory, and how it is evolving as the new way of doing business and how it can support the Scaled Agile Partner Network.

Learning Objectives and Key Takeaways:

  • Understand the key components needed for business partnering in a connected world
  • Learn about the challenges and opportunities of ‘Co-opetition’
  • Get inspired by stories of innovation and creativity
  • Learn to dissipate boundaries
  • Identify ways you can evaluate potential business partnerships

Location: Congress Center AB Date: 26/06/2018 Time: 08:50 - 09:40 Michael Stump