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SAFe Training Day

Introduction to Brain Science Using SAFe 4.0

Learning Goals

After this course, you should be able to:
• Apply 6 learning principles based on current brain research that you can use in SAFe class settings.
• Engage with a 4C’s model, a brain friendly training, design and delivery model for learning
• Increase attention, retention and engagement of learners with activities that involves the whole brain
• Create a tool bag of adaptable activities that are a perfect match for SAFe context
• Foster higher standards for teaching, coaching, and engaging in a safe and healthy learning environment.

Topics Covered

• Introduction to brain-based learning and “patterning”
• Utilize 6 Learning Principles
• Engage in a brain friendly model for training
• Create your tool bag of activities
• Incorporate a healthy learning environment


• SPC4 or SPCT certification

What You Get:

The class attendance includes:
• Introduction to Brain Science Using SAFe 4.0 printed workbook
• “Training from the BACK of the Room!: 65 Ways to Step Aside and Let Them Learn” paperback book by Sharon Bowman
• “Using Brain Science to Make Training Stick” paperback book by Sharon Bowman
• Certificate of Completion